Still refactoring the software I wrote for my piece ghostses in order to lead to a series of new reading-driven operas. Made a good amount of progress today, here's some inscrutable examples.

Purchase tickets for our upcoming Los Angeles show at Coaxial Arts on 5/22, featuring Jason Kahn (and the CDs to his brand new release on AWP) and Casey Anderson (@cta), via Coaxial's Withfriends site (below).

May 22nd, Los Angeles: Casey Anderson @cta plays the hits with a rare performance of POSSIBLE DUST (featured on awp001). So far we have a quintet to do this, might end up w/ more. Also that night: Jason Kahn solo, Casey Anderson & Jason Kahn duo. And new CDs!

I don't know why people think micro-managing is the same thing as being a good manager but they do and they are uh...wrong.

The drummers support the audience by playing continuously for hours...The audience supports the drummers by wiping the sweat from their face and feeding them clarin. Love it.

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I am a big fan of the people who take turns wiping the sweat off of the drummers face so they don't have to stop playing in .

It took an additional 25 minutes to get Marcie from the sidewalk, up the driveway, up the walkway, and then up the stairs to our apartment this morning.

BTW this is way better than Twitter I just need more of the people I like from Twitter to move over to Mastodon.

A neighbor says a new art space moved into the old Machine Project space in Echo Park and the person who runs it is cool. Gonna go pop in at some point in the next week or so.

Spent most of the night stuck on something in Python and in typical fashion thought of a new possible solution as soon as I got into bed.

Me several weeks ago: I should rewrite this function so its easier to read and I don't need to spend twenty minutes figuring it out again.

Me today: this is dumb the old funciton works and I don't need to do this part differently so will just leave it the hard to read way.