PSA: I will be migrating to soon! Planning to post more works in progress there

velocity-sensitive keyboard that changes font size depending on how hard you press

"Fun" to see terfy concern trolling talking points jumping the pond from UK to US mainstream publications (LA Times, NY Times). Honestly surprised it took this long

If you watch a few more videos he uses that descending motive on almost every song, almost like a beginning jazz player who only knows a few licks. But he generally sings it in the right key

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OK I am now mildly obsessed with this bird. You can tell that he hears and follows the changes. At 0:30 you can hear him transpose the melody up a 4th when the chord changes from I to IV. A musical sequence!!

Sick with a mild cold so it's a good excuse to stay home all day. Oh wait. I do that anyway

whoops I guess polls don't cross-post so they look like deranged non-sequiturs here

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Well this is a first for me, receiving spam through Slack/Google Drive integration

Greg Egan is either a deeply unpleasant person or just really good at writing deeply unpleasant protagonists

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Anyway I'm sticking with the book, partly out of morbid curiosity, partly because there is enough other stuff going on to keep me interested. It's a deeply weird book

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This part specifically made me roll my eyes. As if biology and politics could be separated so neatly

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