maybe the web future is in solving the accessibility issue with canvas rendering and leaning much heavier on websssembly. efficient code in the browser but still semantically tagged data behind it. anyone know any good tooling for approaches to this so far?

i guess this is the idea with flutter but flutter just leaves accessibilty in the dust (and therefore no possibilities for a low-res text only version of a site)

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also... Dart. I'm already working across way too many different languages on production code. not sure I really want Dart in the mix.

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@scott i would imagine if the rust community is leading on this. i think i've seen a wasm elm clone or two using rust

@dec yeah, I'm seeing a lot of frameworks that are basically replacements for the current methods but I'm thinking about if avoiding the double duty of the dom as visual representation as well as semantic structure is actually the best approach. there are shadows of the nightmare Flash era of course. if the DOM remains as the data structure then one could start from accessibility but also avoid the terrible performance of the browsers' rendering engines.

@dec certainly not the direction we are going at the moment but I think worth re-considering again and maybe a more radical approach to "web as platform." I'm not so convinced about the idea of statically rendering sites. I like having a more low-level type of approach.

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