starting to wonder if I should just do all my audio stuff with Faust from now on (for instruments that are embedded into other applications). I seem to be bouncing around between Rust, JS, and C/C++ and it seems like Faust could be a good solution?


alright, maybe this weekend is a Faust weekend. never really had the opportunity to dig into it

@madskjeldgaard I don't know why I've never really dug in. it always seems like the best solution, but then I always go down some less portable route.

@madskjeldgaard I'm actually curious how well this will work with Web Audio Modules

@scott I stayed off it for too long as well. The only thing I don't like is when dealing with memory allocation the Supercollider builds aren't fully realtime safe but that's been improved on a lot recently

@madskjeldgaard ah yeah, those are the types of things I'm always a little anxious about. glad to hear it is improved though!

@scott they haven't done a release in a while so if building Supercollider ugens I would recommend building Faust from the GitHub repo to get those improvements

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