starting to dream of what could be when I am no longer legally required to have a 9-5 at someone else's company in about a year from now (as long as I'm approved).

@scott Dare to dream the dream of selfhood.

Also work is always slavery with extra steps, no matter what.

@t36s would love for someone to pay me to do whatever I want. I'm a workaholic with or without motivation. many options though, go back into education, do my own thing until I'm broke and/or dead (current frontrunner. if one comes before the other it could work!), other ideas?

@t36s maybe back to government work? same situation but at least socially oriented

@scott I dunno. I think the luxury of being able to feel ok about where you work from an ethics and moral philosophy perspective is worth a lot of other parameters in life taking a hit.

Let me be the first to admit I should not be giving anyone career advice.

@t36s for sure, it's definitely been a reason for moving on from various places so frequently (and it is definitely a luxury that few have honestly). ethics has always been so incredibly complex to navigate in all these places. That being said, I'm pretty ok in the place I'm at so it's not so much a reflection on them (other than the typical power structures that are commonly in place with owners and labor).

@scott I loved reading this a couple of days ago in Kim Stanley Robinson's book The Ministry for The Future:

Try to do some good no matter how fucked up you are.

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