@t36s still cooking but will report.. my guess, is not nearly as good as the Taco Truck brand

@scott I'm thinking of maybe trying to do corn based soft tortilla things from scratch.
At some point!
I mena I still will have to think about doing it for a while longer tho so.
We'll see!

@t36s @scott it's much easier if you get ahold of that taco press thing they use in Latin America. Not sure what it's called

@t36s @madskjeldgaard a tortilla press! this can definitely be obtained locally.

@scott I would be shocked by this development in taco technology did I not already reside in a Scandinavian country where a frozen pizza "with taco taste" wasn't tearing through the place like a wildfire

@madskjeldgaard ha, yes. lotsa taco spice everywhere. i can say that i do not recommend the taco pockets. the taco boats are maybe kinda alright but the low quality tortilla kinda outweighs the benefits of the form factor. @t36s

@scott @madskjeldgaard TexMex in Scandinavia is so very much it’s own thing. It was never trying to be authentic.

Mexas / Texico

@t36s @madskjeldgaard yeah, it was a market-grab thing from Old El Paso right? hence the strangeness of American tacos being the thing and "Taco Friday". i am very fond of taco night in this style though.

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