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I find it really interesting how in case of accessibility, what we do to help it is often just a case of personal prefference. Like, I used to prefer spaces instead of tabs for code indentation. Then I found out that people with various degrees of impaired sight really benefit from tabs and switching to tabs ended up being really easy to me.

Abled people around: To help your disabled peers to be able to exist without having to go over obstacles, you often just have to do something you like slightly less. What is a small inconvenience for you can help others in a way you didn't even expect.

@t36s @kindohm is it for archiving mostly?

or are you needing to tie to a git codebase?

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Tonight I've asked Stable Diffusion to generate 250 different pages from the 1987 Radio Shack catalog.

so I'm training this model in Colab after this workshop... it's on epoch 7145 and I have no clue how many epochs it wants to run through. could be done in 5 minutes? could be done in 5 years also.. probably somewhere in between.

dear all booking organizations.. it is highly problematic when you ask for a very specific framed-face profile photo in an application. you don't need it and all it can do is skew your view on the project.

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updated my CV of concerts and such tonight... things definitely slowed down when I left the states (and of course the pandemic brutalized performing arts). but feeling good about some of the things I did do.

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don't think I ever posted these when they were all finally published. Some works by Bengt Af Klintberg that I contributed to from Stockholm:

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@stwbass ha, well you are always welcome over here on :)

@cta good show though? is the montage the opening? I'm actively trying to watch less tv atm but maybe watching this one?

@stwbass did you move accounts or just not using it much anymore?

@t36s it's a softpop 2... kind of a benjolin style synth. it's my current benjolin stand-in. it's not in use on this particular recording though.

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