python dependency management is a great source of frustration in life.

@paul ooh, I hadn't thought about this orientation. I think it's great.

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People have been rightfully pointing out that period tracking apps can collect data that might be used against you (as well as how you should turn your phone off while visiting planned parenthood etc. because of location tracking).

Does anyone know of any offline, encrypted-at-rest menstrual cycle iOS apps? FOSS, preferably.

I'm trying to help someone else. Either way, thanks for continuing to educate people about this awful dystopia we're in. It helps.

@t36s mattermost seemed like a good stable commercial option as an alternative

@jayrope ooh, the sound of a chainsaw must be super rich. glad you are enjoying it. it was definitely made in a cold dark period so hopefully brings some of that to the Berlin heat!

seems like an appropriate time to post this track, which was a kind of "I live in Sweden now" track somehow in my mind:

@t36s it has always been a very commercial version of IRC in my mind anyhow. never seemed like they were ever not fully profit-driven

@t36s I'm not sure actually. I haven't really used it much outside of work (and it tends to be fairly standard at work). although I keep trying to get my workplaces into Matrix instead

closed my pinned slack tab with a fury this morning.

@eyesack of course! you are welcome! just a note that we will probably have a major upgrade coming in the next month or so (mostly to support unlimited storage and better customization). but I'll let people know when that is happening

I can't figure how people go to conferences without some kind of support. these things are insanely expensive

maybe I should catch up on all the Ghost In the Shell spinoffs during vacation.

@eyesack it'd definitely be an issue with if you had image issues. maybe something happened when it synced from other servers (like, running out of disk space or some other issue).

I'm on the verge of a vacation.. wow.. getting excited about narrowing the list down of side-projects and study subjects

CW: negativity 

damn, working with choreographers lately has been a lesson in heavy-handed power structures and egos. Really hope to find a choreographer who is into collaboration some day. :(

@t36s @mxmxyz ooh, did it work @t36s ? do I need to do anything on this end?

kind of enjoying doing some C++ today.. I should do more C++

sometimes I wonder if people think I'm just really really rich when I post videos using gear that I got for free because I worked on them in some manner.

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