@setthemfree @luka yeah that is interesting.. "open source but not free" they say. There are a number of other ones after Kirby though. Enoki which also supports DAT for one: github.com/enokidotsite/enoki

looking at some good S3-compatible storage backends for our mastodon instance and am thinking about Backblaze. Anyone know anything or have thoughts about the ethics of this one in relation to others?

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#Pipewire - is anyone using it on #ubuntu or #ubuntustudio (or #debian) as a replacement for jack and pulse? How's that working?

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My name is Daniel M Karlsson. I am a Swedish composer living in Stockholm. I primarily write and perform computer music. I also maintain SuperClean which is an open source software project which aims to be a framework that makes organizing sound and making music in SuperCollider more accessible and fun. I work part time at the (royal) Institute of Art (aka Mejan) in Stockholm where I run Lyssningsrum, a 17.4 speaker dome housed in a purpose built room with extremely dry acoustics.

besides Benjolis updates, probably looking at more time with Faust, and... hmm..

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winter break now means my yearly time to work on random code projects and small updates to OS libs and stuffs.

sometimes, when I'm singing, i pretend i'm a muppet... cause then my singing voice makes a lot more sense

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fun script i just came up with: x2y.py
renames files named `*.x` to `*.y`

but, if you name the script `jpeg2jpg.py`. it now renames files from `*.jpeg || *.JPEG` to `*.jpg`

without any new code or invoking with arguments!


@madskjeldgaard sorry I couldn't make it to this! found out about it the day before but had someone from out of town coming in to visit. hope I can catch the next one!

@ritualdust yeah, it really seems like the time has come for this to make a comeback. i miss all the intricate details of those. My first Java book was somewhat similar in terms of some kind of narrative on the cover: i.ebayimg.com/images/g/A9EAAOS

@madskjeldgaard ha yes, a lot of developers where I worked prior to this job switched up to US layout keyboards. It's particularly noticeable in Vim

my infinitely generative song around memory and place is now up along with a bunch of other cool pieces as part of "the wrong biennale" hosted by Leonardo at thewrong.leonardo.info/

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