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I will also mention that I really love the generally pro-inclusive vibe of the Rust community. (one of the reasons I like Rust).

I only point out the .len() thing in Rust because it's what I chose to use on a project and am generally enjoying it.

so... one thing I really don't get in Rust... why did they choose .len() on a Vec rather than .length()? what is the point of that other to add confusion and/or type 3 characters less? Let's maybe stop doing that sorta thing. It seems counter to inclusiveness

I've really gotta learn how to do benchmarking better

built a little prototype of a digital compressor today and housed it in this cardboard box.

I wish every metal band that decided to integrate more "melodic" and "lyrical" stuff into their music listened more to Harvey Milk.

this Leonard Cohen cover is so nice:

I need new doom recommendations... Senyawa really got me going

can't stop listening to Lorna Shore while I work. it's just so meaty.

was 80 bits really necessary to represent sample rate in aiff formats? i know cpus can be optimized for 80 bit numbers but it makes no sense for a one time read. i can imagine this could possibly be used for scientific compiting in some manner?

The Senyawa performance last night at Fylkingen was definitely one of the best concerts I've seen since moving here.

also, if you spend this much on a stereo system, it should at least somehow be a publicly accessible utility.

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this is excessive.. but pretty fascinating turntable construction

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One Man's Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary about the world's best stereo system

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The ‘frugal computing’ movement is built on the understanding that computing resources are finite, precious, and to be used only when absolutely necessary and in the most efficient ways possible.

if anyone finds any of these harassment instances that seem to be cropping up, I am happy to block them on our block list. this is one of the advantages of Mastodon over Twitter. Community code-of-conducts.

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General Mastodon safety tip: sometimes hateful people set up their own instances.
If you're receiving harassment from someone coming from an instance inhabited by a hate group, you can block their entire instance instead of just the user.

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