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been kinda missing Mexico lately. I need to visit again soon I think.

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tired of seeing tutorials for beginners that just ignore web accessibility standards.
they're gonna be out here thinking that it's okay to just put a radio button or checkbox's value next to it in plain text with no label tag

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Oh hey what now!? Haha, I was not expecting this to happen!
Neil Cosgrove has made a 2D game engine for SuperCollider:

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If you mostly let AI decide what to read and who to interact with, I am sorry to tell you this, but you might be an NPC.

2 days away from work and suddenly a new album is brewing.

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Today is Trans Pride London 2022!

Our grassroots march through the city chanting for trans equity starts at 1pm from Marble Arch.

This photo is me at last year's march. This year I've swapped my placard for a first-aid kit and am working with the organisers to help keep everyone safe.

If you're coming along please bring plenty of water and comfortable TERF-stomping shoes! If you're a cop, please stay at home and assess your life choices instead.

Solidarity forever!

I wish I was more of a mathematician. really gotta work on that.

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I just discovered that the current issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly is about "Minimal Computing". Some pretty interesting stuff in there for those of us investigating #permacomputing and #solarpunk digital practices:

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Biesentales #57 - Lush
- hosted by @jayrope -

• Dyad 2, a layered piece by @scott
• Air Cushion Finish live at Ort Deines Vertrauens, Berlin, June 2022 (complete) @acf
• thunder from Biesenthal, and
• Drop Waltz, jayrope's unreleased reply to Scott Cazan.

*Enjoy! -> and thank you for a boost.

#fedimusic #layered #contemporary #fieldrecording #concert #biesentales #avantgarde #artmusic

doing some coding at the collective space I just joined today. sitting at a desk and hearing these strange gooey sounds (no one is here so it is very quiet). turns out I'm sitting next to a snail farm and the sounds is them gooing around. cool!

python dependency management is a great source of frustration in life.

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please boost, help wanted, roe v wade 

People have been rightfully pointing out that period tracking apps can collect data that might be used against you (as well as how you should turn your phone off while visiting planned parenthood etc. because of location tracking).

Does anyone know of any offline, encrypted-at-rest menstrual cycle iOS apps? FOSS, preferably.

I'm trying to help someone else. Either way, thanks for continuing to educate people about this awful dystopia we're in. It helps.

seems like an appropriate time to post this track, which was a kind of "I live in Sweden now" track somehow in my mind:

closed my pinned slack tab with a fury this morning.

I can't figure how people go to conferences without some kind of support. these things are insanely expensive

maybe I should catch up on all the Ghost In the Shell spinoffs during vacation.

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