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Peertube: Move account to different server easy? Any Peertube for radical/avantgarde/experimental music? 

Any Peertube experts knowing, if
• the recent influx of new users has led to new servers dedicated to #avantgarde / #experimental / #curious / #radical music (& video, obviously), and
• if i can move my content from one Peertube server to another in an easy way?

Thanks for shedding a light on this in advance.

#peertube #move_account #accountmove #question @radicalmusic

kinda wish I could use a Yubikey instead of BankID. or some version of BankID that is not an iPhone or Android app

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many people seem to think that they are on a single site - mastodon. that is not true. please read to understand better where you have arrived. don't worry if it's a bit confusing at first, you will understand things through use and time. just stay open to new paradigm of federation and all details. ask questions. at some point things will click in place. Good luck! 🍀🌱

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Clip from Tom Mudd's gig last night in LR. I was in the front row and it was exquisite.

Hey @tommudd thanks again for everything.

it is with some kind of luck that the Stockholm Film Festival happens right during my birthday... which makes for a perfect birthday ritual doing a thing I love.

rust 1.6.5 let else statements are lookin' pretty useful

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

posting this improvisation from today again since people are doing

I at least know it is in heavy use on all of Cat Lamb's synth patches since I wrote it for that specific purpose

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I also just recently posted about the LISP curse. this might be a good example of that. perhaps I should just try to get a saveable midi learn into Modality Toolkit instead.

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not many people picked up on it, but I think this library I built for SuperCollider is the quickest and easiest way to throw a GUI at anything and then have midi control of it for live performance:

maybe the syntax is too verbose or relies to much on knowing SC GUI stuff. it is just a thin wrapper of MIDI learn that is saveable around SC GUI.

maybe finally ready to transfer my .vimrc over to a non-backwards compatible nvim lua config. so much easier with lua (I <3 lua)

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there are a lot of folks I've connected with thru music, and know me as a musician of primarily electronic material.

there are a lot of accounts I follow that speak broadly to my interest and work in education and creativity, but also in the sciences and social fields. I currently work in child care advocacy and resources, and have previously worked in special education.

I grew up in Chicago, and spent 2005-2018 living in Brooklyn.

I don't have short stories.

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If you are just joining Mastodon (as I am) a good basic explainer for what's different (and what's the same) about it.

By @clive

"Come Join Me On Mastodon, Folks: A how-to guide for joining the rapidly-growing social network."

db query optimization is a weirdly meditative and relaxing practice

got some nice uptime monitoring on now.

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