It is so creepy to have my computer eavesdropping on me and then recommending stuff to me. I really wish it would stop. But you know, serves me right for using the popular short video clip site. I should stop using it.

@t36s there are ways around it, to verying degrees of success, and for various amounts of effort

how far down the rabbit whole do you want to go?

@t36s if you want to go off the deep end, there's TOR for web browsing, for purchases, though you'll probably have to switch email providers away from data mining corps
there's ad nauseum for poisoning their ad data, what project for poisioning utm trackers, and Firefox containers for isolating super cookies
there's Foss no-js frontends for various websites, there's disabling Javascript, third party trackers and using an adblocker on the shallower end

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