I’m really enjoying because it’s taking me down memory lane in a big way, but, the month of December… That has got to be right?

Do you concur?

Would you be willing to participate and/or get the word out?

@t36s I do like the name dronecember! How would it work? Daily music peace made by a shared word / prompt?


@lislegaard I was just thinking that if the hashtag catches on then more folks would be doing something that they define as Drone during December. I think the particulars should work themselves out on their own.

@t36s Sounds like a good idea! I would be keen on joining!

Depending on the goal (which might just be that people get creating) it could be cool with SOME sort of framwork / rules (that can be skipped) guidelines or something?

Again, depends what it is for but f.ex. it could be cool for someone listening to be able to listen thru a few pieces a day. But then I guess those pieces can't be 2 hours long each, hehe!

Or maybe a #dronecember streaming radio could be an idea.


OR maybe I am overthinking and the goal would just be to have people be excited about creating drone works thru december 🙂

@lislegaard You decide what you want to do man, that's all I'm saying here.

@lislegaard @t36s I would run the radio-looptober script on my server. So that part is covered :)

@lislegaard @t36s why not? Just mark it in your calendar and post again in March ;)

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