after many pandemic-related delays and 2 or 3 years of emails and (re)coordination, we finally got Insub Meta Orchestra out to Stockholm this year. it was fantastic and here are the two pieces filmed that night:

Yesterday at Lyssningsrum / MDT Studio 1 me and @johnchantler hosted the last show for the season of our concert series Two Rooms for Listening. I had the best time! The gigs were amazing and there was this great shared sense of listening intently together. We got to hear Maria W Horn & Mats Erlandsson in Lyssningsrum and then Amina Hocine in MDT Studio 1. We sold out the first show as well as the second show! I feel happy and grateful to everyone who came out to listen and make it so special.

hmmm. shop systems that only have possibility to set one rate of sales tax — problem with both Bandcamp and cargo. so I need to sell CDs and records via bandcamp and the book direct via the website... but can't do both on the same platform *sigh*

The unimaginable energy and desires concentrated in this small form.

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