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Half the internet is down today because everyone uses the same CDNs and it's all incredible brittle. At work different parts of our seemingly simple product is down. All these services allow you spin up a business cheaply and quickly but the idea used to be you'd then setup in-house infrastructure, that's gone now, you just use external services for everything.

anyone got any good recommendations on zines that revolve around "design" ?

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I only trust blockchain explanations that start from the given that capitalism is bad.

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Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

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“The romantics were prompted to seek exotic subjects and to travel to far off places. They failed to realize that, though the transcendental must involve the strange and unfamiliar, not everything strange or unfamiliar is transcendental.”

― Mark Rothko

Rust is such a wonderfully ugly language. it's like it's ugly in exactly the perfect way that I like.

in other news, I have to do some ios development for work and am trying to send a test build to people and am waiting for "app store review" in order to send a test build to a few people :(

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I recently saw a review of the remarkable 2 tablet and one of the things that knocked down the score was that it didn't have it's own app store and this still baffles me.

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the moment that apple started enforcing use of the app store for it's users was the moment I stopped buying any apple products. what a nightmare the app store is.

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Its not a "hackspace" if most of your programme is about proprietary, closed source tools. Its an obedient consumer space.

Fite me.

how many years have I been typing "teh" instead of "the". you'd think it'd be in my fingers by now.

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The problem with computer literacy classes is that they don’t teach computer literacy, they teach consumerism.

what do people generally think of the Brave browser?

nearly every time I load up a Rust file in vim these days it is telling me there is a new version of rust-analyzer available and if I want to update. I really love that.

really love refactoring using TypeScript

why python why? why no multi-line lambdas? :(

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A Studio Ghibli gif that describes me? Oh, that’s INCREDIBLY easy

anyone got some favorite functional programming design-pattern resources?

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