Kind of an Anaal Nathrakh day. I still think there should be an Anaal Nathrakh theme park where the rides are just sitting and listening to an Anaal Nathrakh track in a dark room. Basically the same as a roller coaster.

working with this project this week. It's been really nice to do more work in this direction and there's some more updates coming soon:

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Very excited to announce:

💥hydra microgrants 💥
funding for community projects involving hydra video synth

💥Apply by November 7th!! 💥

💥 organised by @hellocatfood
and @ojack , w/ guest judge Monrhea Carter

#generativeart #livecoding

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* ੈ✩‧₊˚ Critical Coding Cookbook ‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧

It’s here: the Critical Coding Cookbook website contains a collection of 24 recipes that consider computer programming from cultural, philosophical, and decolonial frameworks.

Visit to check out contributions by Kit Kuksenok, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Noam Youngrak Son, Morgan Green, Kathy Wu, evelyn masso, Dorothy R. Santos, Sara Rivera, Tegan Bristow, Lavannya Surresh, Shafali J, Micah A, Sanketh K, Echo Theohar, Kevin Lee, Shayna Robinson, Anuradha Reddy, Nancy Mauro-Flude (, Roopa Vasudevan, Kemi Sijuwade-Ukadike, Joana Chicau, Renick Bell, Becca Rose, Mario Guzman, Winnie Yoe, Annina Rüst, and Tamara Moura Costa.

The project is led and edited by Xin Xin and Katherine Moriwaki. Visual identity, website design, and implementation by Kevin Cadena. Stay tuned for the CCC PDF reader, coming later this summer.

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anyone else miss the big thick programming books that used to stare back at you from your desk?

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"As the game engine becomes intertwined with digital infrastructure, Unreal Engine and Unity face serious geopolitical, economic and privacy issues that have real world consequences beyond video games."

I wrote about game engines politics for New Design Congress's new research platform:

many years ago I was doing this kind of pedagogical synthesis of basic drum sounds in SuperCollider. Revisiting more interesting drum synthesis now in Rust and it's super fun.
The lesson is that I was clearly not making good drum sounds back then at all.

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i should stop saying i do music. i think people get the wrong idea. its always liberating to lose that designation.

Check it out:

finally figured out how to collect some of my albums from other labels onto a bandcamp page (there are some off of bandcamp as well).

i have struggled with not having space to make sound since moving to Sweden. now i finnallly (after looking for something affordable for years) have a small studio with sound isolation, no noise prohibitions, and a window and it has already made such a huge difference in being able to work on music things and art projects. 🎉🎉

@stellaria "Eating 7 to 10 of these almonds is toxic enough to prove fatal," 😲

been getting stopped up on choosing Rust crates for synthesis.. think I'm gonna go down the fundsp path. seems very Faust'y

I'm currently experiencing my annual "I just re-remembered Strapping Young Lad and how much I enjoy them" marathon listening period. So you if you see me 'round the city grinning with headphones this is why.

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