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My biggest short term goal is Economic Democracy for everyone. A simpler wording would be "everything for everyone". Practical breakdown includes, but is not limited to: Free access to food, housing, clothing, education, transportation and computation. I am entirely anti capitalist and I regard any and all speculation as fundamentally unacceptable. My biggest long term goal is a fun times fully automated luxury space communism with optional mind uploading for all.You need to know that about me.

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My name is Daniel M Karlsson. I am a Swedish composer living in Stockholm. I primarily write and perform computer music. I also maintain SuperClean which is an open source software project which aims to be a framework that makes organizing sound and making music in SuperCollider more accessible and fun. I work part time at the (royal) Institute of Art (aka Mejan) in Stockholm where I run Lyssningsrum, a 17.4 speaker dome housed in a purpose built room with extremely dry acoustics.

Awful idea for a conceptual art piece (I detest these, always):

Stochastically choose a single sample from every single track on one of the popular streaming music platforms. I am certain that this would be indistinguishable from white noise.

Inviting and enduring the storm of litigation that is sure to follow is the piece. It’s a performance piece.
Seeking out virality is utterly loathsome to me.

If someone else did it to call in to question the idea of intellectual property, I’d boost it.

Lest the poetry escape anyone, in this new report:

"Bitcoin is less “digital gold” and more “digital beef”, according to a study that suggests the cryptocurrency has a climate impact greater than that of gold mining and on the level of natural gas extraction or rearing cattle for meat."

I am officially in love with my new stunt guitar. Got thoroughly taken to a whole new place today. Found this style of playing using a bow that gives me so much pleasure.
I was dug in deep playing it all afternoon. Can't wait to play it with the band tomorrow night.

Vilnius: A reminder that on Saturday this week I will be teaching a workshop on how to compose 3D music in #SuperCollider using #ambisonics. The workshop is free (and I will post slides online soon for those who cannot attend). Please share with anyone who might be interested.

Not one to brag but, I did flash a 6A+ today. Nice feeling to be on my way back to where I was before the world ended.

beans are good for you

eat some beans

It is so creepy to have my computer eavesdropping on me and then recommending stuff to me. I really wish it would stop. But you know, serves me right for using the popular short video clip site. I should stop using it.

”... something that would provide an illusion of sentience.”

Neil Stephenson - The Diamond Age

I loved Carmen Salinas in Valet. I laughed so hard almost every time she had a line.

I met a friend of my wife's from when she studied architectural lighting design for the first time today. We all went for a long walk together and talked. We had dinner afterwards. We covered a large gamut of topics. This great act came up in conversation. Have you seen it?

Mats Lindström - One (for David Tudor):

I’m going to commit to leaving some things to mystery.

for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter

I now were a big furry robe indoors. It's cozy and comfy. It's black and long and the fabric reminds me of cuddly bear type kids fabrics. It cost les than a meal a long time ago. It was already in my closet so I did not have to buy it. This robe I guess is like a smoking jacket. I don't smoke. I dunno. This is cheaper than running the electrical heaters I can tell you that.

I finished a track using a glass bowl and a piano hammer today. You can listen to the track, look at the code, download the samples I made and read a little log entry about the process here if you like:

I recorded some dried plants and now I have this elaborate bespoke noise which is a total dud. Even I can't win 'em all.

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